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There is a distinction between a beauty salon and a hair salon and although many small businesses do offer both sets of treatments; beauty salons provide more generalized services related to skin health, facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, — even meditation, oxygen therapy, mud baths, and many other services.

Massage for the body is a popular beauty treatment, with various techniques offering benefits to the skin (including the application of beauty products) and for increasing mental well-being. Hair removal is offered at some beauty salons through treatments such as waxing and threading. Some beauty salons style hair instead of going to a separate hair salon, and some also offer sun tanning. Other treatments of the face are known as facials. Specialized beauty salons known as nail salons offer treatments such as manicures and pedicures for the nails. A manicure is a treatment for the hands, incorporating the fingernails and cuticles and often involving the application of nail polish, while a pedicure involves treatment of the feet, incorporating the toenails and the softening or removal of calluses.

Body treatments:

Manual lymphatic drainage

Detoxify your body in time!

As a result of inadequate lifestyle, without moving, with improper and irregular diet, without enough rest, in almost constant stress, our feet swell, appears cellulite, bags under the eyes and slowed metabolism. All together is a result of building-up toxins in the body which acts negatively on the tissue and the organism as a whole.

Manual lymphatic drainage is a type of rhythmic circular massage which is intended to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph from the tissues space body. Relaxes muscles and most important, is beneficial for the immune system and metabolism.

Anti-cellulite massage

Definitely massage that every woman needs

Cellulite is a major aesthetic problem that primarily affects women. Due to the different elastic fibers distributed in the tissue and the secretion of the hormone estrogen. Cellulite is a disease of the connective tissue which leads to an increase in the volume of the cells of adipose tissue and the accumulation of toxins between them, all together leads to the pressure on the blood vessels, retention of water, swelling of the tissues, and poor circulation. As a result tissue looks like orange peel. In addition to these causes of cellulite, there are other important factors: immobility, the use of hormone therapy, poor diet and fluid intake, bad habits, genetic factor, pregnancy. In addition to the many advanced capabilities in the struggle against cellulite has been shown that massage of the connective tissue gives the best and longest effects. In order to cellulite become part of the past, it is important to be persistent and tenacious.

Relax massage

It has long been known for the positive effects of massage, which is a set of related movements which includes all or part of the body. It is proper, and above all, professional application leads to a relaxation of neck, shoulder, lumbar back and feet, which have become an indispensable part of the pain of modern life.

The advantage of relax massage is that it reduces nervous tension, stiffness and body comes into a state of complete relaxation and energy balance.

Ultrasound cavitation liposuction

Ultrasound Cavitation is a new method in modern medicine, with which awhile is achieving a loss of fat plaques, in order to reduce the volume of the body and reconfiguring it.

Ultrasound Liposuction (ultrasonic cavitation) is a new, revolutionary European fat removal technique that does NOT involve surgery – there is no need for anaesthetic, a hospital stay or time off work.

The treatment has immediate results and delivers further additional fat reduction within the week following the procedure.

Ultrasonic Slimming utilises a unique cavitation technology new to Australia that allows for non-invasive removal of stubborn fat deposits that never seem to disappear regardless of your diet or how hard you work out.

The most problematic body areas are: abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), thighs (“saddle bags”), buttocks, inner knees, upper arm, male breasts.


Mesotherapy treatment is a non surgical cosmetic solution aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, and face/neck rejuvenation, just to name a few. It is administered via numerous injections containing various types of FDA approved medicines, vitamins, and minerals.

Tattoo Removal

Tattooing in recent years become a very popular way of decorating the body, but it happens that clients later become dissatisfied with its tattoo and want it remove. In principle, depending on the size of the tattoo and on its place on the body, and of the depth to which the pigment is entered...

Pedicure Services

Classic Pedicure

Feet bath in sea salt glow, nail shaping, cuticle trimming, massage with a rich body creme, and polish of your choice

Haircuts and Styles:

Women’s Haircut/Style, Men’s Haircut, Children’s Haircut, Bang Trim, Special Occasion, hair extension, Wedding & Bridal Hair, Flat or Curling Iron....


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