Hair extensions for short hair

Hair extensions for short hair

Hair extensions are methods of lengthening one's hair by incorporating artificial hair or natural hair collected from other individuals. Hair extensions can also be used to protect one's natural hair. These hair techniques are advanced and are used to change the hair drastically without looking unrealistic.

Hair Extensions Methods and Types

Strand by Strand

Strand by Strand: This is when hot bond is used to bond small sections of hair to the recipients own hair.  Small sectional pieces of hair are attached one by one to small sections of your own hair by using bonding (warm or cold), clamping, shrink tubing, micro tubes. Can give the appearance of flyaway hair that you could somewhat run your fingers through.  It is a very time consuming technique and is much better for a long term wear over 3-4 months. Weaving or glue were and still are practiced but are older inferior methods of practice.

The Flat Method

The Flat Method is a new, high tech method of attachment, consisting of a “skin-like” membrane which simulates the scalp and appears to have hair literally growing from it. This “skin-like” membrane attached to your natural hair lying very close to your scalp. You can wash, condition, blow dry, flat-iron, curl and color your new hair extensions, as if they were your own. You also have the freedom to wear your hair up or down. You can also do color touch-ups through the extensions. This method is very safe and comfortable and causes absolutely no tension or damage to your natural hair. The removal is very simple. This is the only system in the world that allows you to safely wear your hair extensions for over one year.

Hot Fusion

Hot fusion hair extensions are also known as keratin hair extensions. Keratin extensions is one of the most popular hair extensions methods available on the market. A small amount of Keratin, or other organic material  is pre-attached or utilized on the ends of a strand. The extension strands are then attached to small sections of your hair near the scalp by warming the Keratin and forming a small bond to your hair. Hot fusion hair extensions last anywhere from 2-6 months. You can style your hair up or down.

Since your hair shaft is made out of 90% keratin this is a more healthy, less damaging option for applying fusion extensions.

Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion extensions is a strand by strand technique attached with a polymer keratin bonding material. The hair is pre tipped an each strand of hair is attached to your natural hair. Basically identical to Warm Fusion but the  keratin bond is not warmed, but rather ultrasonic waves melt the Keratin to form the bond during installation.  Cold Fusion as with Warm Fusion, bonds are removed with a special solvent, and tool.
Cold fusion is a newer extensions method, that is created to be more gentle on your natural hair then hot fusion. The pre-tipped kearin hair extesnions are secures to your natural hair strand by using an ultra sound applicator. This means that unlike other keratin based extensions this method does not use heat, that can potentially damage your natural hair.

Quick Weave

Quick Weave allows a flat and flawless installation with any type of hair you want. Guaranteed to lay flat and flawless with an invisible hair-line, you can restore your broken locks or keep them with this excellent choice.

Tree Braids

Tree braiding is a method of hair extension that uses bulk hair braided directly into the client’s own hair via an individual or cornrow braid.  The weave hair is braided down to hide away the client’s own hair and the rest of the hair is left free.

Micro Rings

Micro rings are installed in pretty much the same way strand by strand/fusion hair is installed except that instead of glued tips, the extension hair is attached via tiny (micro) rings.  If done properly, the style can last four to six months.

Braides and Plaits

Braides and Plaits have been around for hundreds of years.  A technique that can look very simple or quite exotic.  Braids can be worn for a number of months until the hair grows out, they can even have beads added to the end for that extra special look.

Sew in Extensions

Sew in Extensions are a great option for changing your look in an instant. Sew in hair offers 100% human hair attachments which are woven into your existing hair. Aside from their beautiful look, hair weaves can instantly add great volume to existing hair and successfully conceal thinning hair as well. There is no risk of hair loss or damage with this method.

Brazilian Knot

Brazilian Knots hair extensions is a strand by strand hair extensions technique. As the name emplies, this hair extensions method originates from Brazil. This unique hair extensions method has many names; the Brazilian hair extensions, the Italian knot technique, Brazilian knot hair extensions or elastic fusion.