There’s science in beauty treatment

date: 9/9/2014

SCIENCE affects everyone’s life, from womb to tomb, from sunrise to sunset. From the food we eat for breakfast, the toiletries we use, the medicines we take, the new transportation model we ride on, or the DNA procedure to solve a crime or paternity case—all of these are products of science.


Guys It's Time To Get The Easiest Hairstyle Ever

date: 8/28/2014

You're probably thinking that longer hair means more work, but it just so happens that the look is the easiest style a man can maintain. And let's be honest, Jared Leto has never looked hotter.

So we turned to celebrity groomer Diana Schmidtke to get her tips and tricks for guys who want to rock lengthier locks.

Take a look at Schmidtke's advice below; you'll want to trust the woman who's responsible for some of the hottest guys on the red carpet.


Ultrasonic cavitation system

date: 6/18/2014

Ultrasonic cavitation system offers non-surgical alternative to liposuction that produces permanent results quickly and painlessly.


Great ways to banish cellulite

date: 6/6/2014

Anti-ageing tips: Great ways to banish cellulite

THE imminent arrival of bikini season has us reaching for all sorts of lotions and potions, from sun cream to fake tan.


Rod Anker's Summer hairstyles

date: 6/4/2014

Rod Anker's Summer hairstyles

The stylist of celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Elle Macpherson suggests styles and tips to manage hair in the Indian summer



date: 5/5/2014

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