Great ways to banish cellulite

date: 6/6/2014

Anti-ageing tips: Great ways to banish cellulite

THE imminent arrival of bikini season has us reaching for all sorts of lotions and potions, from sun cream to fake tan.

And it appears that anti-cellulite creams will be high on the nation’s shopping list this summer.

More than 95 per cent of women suffer from the dreaded orange peel skin, regardless

of age, fitness level or body type, according to medical company Syneron.

For many women getting rid of cellulite seems an impossible task and every summer I hear the same moans and groans in my clinic from patients who have lost weight and work out regularly but are still plagued by lumps and bumps.

Cellulite is caused by bulging fat cells which are squeezed by fibrous tissue.

The fat cells increase in size due to weight gain, hormonal changes or fluid retention.

When this happens they push against the connective tissues causing skin to pucker.

While the amount of fat in your body is a contributing factor it isn’t the only cause.

Studies have suggested anything from stress to sitting down all day can play a role.

Even the thickness of your skin can determine how visible cellulite is.

This explains why you can be stick thin but still have cellulite or be overweight and have none.

Cellulite can also be hereditary and the bad news is it gets worse as we age.

As the skin loses collagen over time it causes even more puckering.

With all these causes it’s little wonder that getting rid of cellulite is now a multi-million-pound industry.

But how can you tackle this toxic fat?

One interesting development is using collagenase, which is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that breaks down connective tissue.

In a small study 10 women with cellulite were given injections of this enzyme which seemed to diminish the appearance of orange peel skin.

However the long-term effects of these injections are still unknown and studies have not yet been carried out to determine the extent and duration of the improvements.

The treatment is not yet available but research is ongoing.

In the meantime, with so many treatments and creams on the market it can be difficult to know which to invest in.

The truth is there is still no magic bullet but we have several options to help soften and reduce the appearance, including lifestyle changes and new treatments at the clinic.


Ditch crash diets

Yo-yo dieting can exacerbate cellulite so if you are overweight ensure you lose weight slowly and in a controlled way.

If you are already slim losing weight can make cellulite worse.

Cut back on salt, which can make you look puffy and avoid junk food.

Smoking affects circulation and thins the skin so give up now.

Make sure your diet includes plenty of lean protein and green fruit and vegetables.

Stay hydrated

Being well hydrated will keep your skin cells plump.

This in turn will keep your skin looking smooth and supple.

Add a few slices of lemon to water and sip it throughout the day to flush out toxins.

Boost circulation

Working out on a regular basis helps improve muscle tone which has a direct impact on cellulite.

The most effective workout should incorporate weights and toning exercises such as lunges and squats.

The stronger and more toned your muscles, the better your body at burning excess fat.


The chemicals used in many cellulite creams are known to break down fat stores.

However most skin creams cannot deliver the required concentration of these chemicals for fat loss.

What they can do is offer a temporary reduction in the surface appearance of cellulite.

Ensure you spend plenty of time massaging into trouble spots to improve circulation.

Here is a list of my favourites:

• Bliss Fat Girl Slim Anti Cellulite Cream,
• For All My Eternity Sculpt & Smooth Firming Gel,
• Crystal Clear Body Firm Complex,


Cellutite and Cellulaze are two treatments that give long-lasting results in cellulite reduction.

A laser combined with radio frequency energy is inserted under the skin under local anaesthetic to shrink fat cells, cut the tough fibrous bands that cause dimpling, tighten tissue and stimulate thicker skin.

One treatment is required and you’ll need to wear compression garments for six weeks afterwards.

For maximum results a course of treatments using vacuum massage and radio frequency will further improve skin tone.

Radio frequency heats the skin and when combined with massage and suction can create a much smoother look.

In some cases the results can last for up to six months or more but are not permanent.