Rod Anker's Summer hairstyles

date: 6/4/2014

Rod Anker's Summer hairstyles

The stylist of celebrities like Kylie Minogue and Elle Macpherson suggests styles and tips to manage hair in the Indian summer

He grew up in Melbourne on a 1,100-acre farm with 800 heads of cattle, but celebrity hairstylist and brand ambassador for Schwarzkopf Rod Anker of Monsoon Spa and Salon knew that life lay beyond being a shepherd. His skill was in styling hair. He honed his talent at Box Hill Tafe Academy and with his guru, Hong Kong-based Kim Robinson, better-known as Princess Diana’s hair expert. Anker launched Kimrobinson Salon in India, but the project failed and shut shop in 2008. Anker has stayed on in India. “I am going back home next week for the biggest hair expo in Southeast Asia to be held in Sydney, so I will get to visit my family. The first 24 hours I know I will be happy seeing the vast space and nature, after that I will want to come home, that is India,” laughs the 43-year-old.

Here are some Rod Rules for Indian hair: Oiling is a no-no. “Hair growth has nothing to do with oiling, which ruins hair and creates a barrier, so nothing can penetrate the cuticles or hair shaft,” he says. He also points out that trimming every 6-8 weeks will only get rid of the split ends and dryness and not magically make hair longer.

Wash hair every second day to keep the scalp clean in India’s sweltering heat. A conditioner is a must, along with a water-based, leave-in hair serum. And for God’s sake don’t use those ugly blonde highlights, he pleads. “Try ombre highlights, but opt for darker colours,” he suggests.

Anker’s four cool hairstyles for summer: Ponytail: It keeps the hair off your shoulders and back. You can opt for a high or low one depending on what suits your face.

French textured roll: Make a low ponytail and then twist it up. Tuck in the loose ends to make a roll and use hairpins to fasten it. It is easy-breezy and will keep your head cool.

Mermaid waves: These are wispy curls that fall effortlessly. Ten minutes with a flat iron and some serious finger running through your tresses will give you that beachy look.

Braids: You can try the messy ones, as they look better than the tight ones. The fishtail braid is back in vogue. Begin by parting hair and then taking small strands of hair from from one side. Toss it over to the opposite side braiding it slowly. Repeat same procedure on the other side till the end of the hair length.