There’s science in beauty treatment

date: 9/9/2014

SCIENCE affects everyone’s life, from womb to tomb, from sunrise to sunset. From the food we eat for breakfast, the toiletries we use, the medicines we take, the new transportation model we ride on, or the DNA procedure to solve a crime or paternity case—all of these are products of science.

So, too, are the beauty products we apply on our skin and treatments we use to preserve or improve our appearance.

Recently, a nonsurgical face-lifting procedure was launched.

NuDerm Ultra V Lift is an advanced technology that inserts absorbable ultra-fine threads called polydioxanone into skin to stimulate the collagen synthesis under the skin which will tighten it, resulting in a sculpted, smooth and silky face.

“The threads are inserted into your collagen elastin, which will lift your skin,” Dermclinic Founder and President Dr. Vinson B. Pineda told the BusinessMirror partly in Filipino.

“Isn’t it that, when we age, our skin becomes saggy? [The new technology] will lift the skin,” Pineda added. He said the face-lifting technique, which was invented in South Korea and Japan, was studied by the clinic’s dermatologists. “The threads were from [South] Korea and Japan. Based on our studies, we saw that the effect is dramatic. The effect is beautiful,” he said.

However, Pineda advised that the effect of the procedure is only temporary. “You have to repeat [the process] because it is not permanent. It is effective for one year to two years’ time,” Pineda explained.

The entire procedure takes only about 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the treatment area. He guaranteed that the treatment is dermatologically tested, meaning it has been tested on human skin.

“We have a protocol. That protocol is our basis, and you will see that the effect on our patients is statistically significant,” Pineda said.

“An anesthetic cream is applied on the treatment area prior to the procedure. The doctor then deftly inserts the threads under the skin,” PR specialist Jho Abueg said.  “There is no bleeding or swelling as the threads are dissolvable, they are slowly absorbed by the body safely,” Abueg added.