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How Much Does a Haircut Cost?

Prices vary from shop to shop, depending on the type and length of cut.

You've probably noticed that you can pay anywhere from $10 to well over $100 for a haircut. How do you know if you're getting ripped off or getting what you paid for? Here's the lowdown — from the low-end to the high-end — so you'll know just how much to pay for your next cut.

What are the average haircut prices?

The average haircut costs about $45, according to the Professional Beauty Association, an organization for beauty industry professionals. While that may be the national average, the actual cost of a haircut ranges far and wide. A barber at a local mom-and-pop shop may charge as little as $10, while top-notch hairstylists in NYC can charge $600 or more.

What extras can I pay for along with my haircut?

The reason for this disparity often boils down to the type of salon and the experience it provides. Some places cut your hair in a few quick minutes and lead you straight to the door. Other high-end salons involve a whole process of cutting, blow drying and styling that's nothing short of a work of art. Some even provide drinks, such as cappuccinos and lattes, to sip on while you wait for your cut.

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Often, the cost of a haircut depends on the time spent on your hair and the products used. When a salon uses pricey, high-end products and takes an hour to complete one haircut, they can't possibly charge $10. Others prioritize speed and convenience, and can charge less.

Does a more expensive haircut mean a better one?

While you should take a good look at a salon when evaluating its prices, keep in mind that hairdressers vary from salon to salon. Just because a place charges $100 for a haircut doesn't guarantee a great cut. You may go to a high-end salon and get scalped, and go to a hometown salon and receive the best cut of your life — or vice versa.

You need to find a hairdresser who you can communicate with easily and understands what you want. You may find this stylist in a high-end salon or (if you're lucky) at a cheaper salon. It may take a bit of experimenting to find the right hairstylist for you, but you can shorten the process by asking your friends and family for recommendations and going in for a consult before getting a cut.

How much do you want to spend on a haircut?

The right price for a haircut ultimately depends on how much you are willing to spend. Do you consider paying more than $10 for a haircut absolutely ridiculous? Then you probably won't ever set foot in a high-end salon that charges $100 for a cut.

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In short, pay whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you feel like you're being ripped off and aren't completely happy with your haircut, switch to a different salon. With a bit of trial and error, you'll find the right combination of price and quality that works for you.